Last Updated: 3/4/24

What hardware do you use?

Chicago Budget KVMXeon E5-2697v3NVMe SSDDDR4
Chicago Premium KVMRyzen 7950XNVMe SSDDDR5
Los Angeles Premium KVMRyzen 7900NVMe SSDDDR5
Miami Premium KVMRyzen 7900NVMe SSDDDR5
Eygelshoven Premium KVMRyzen 7950XNVMe SSDDDR5

How can I test your network speed?

You can find our looking glasses below:

Service LocationLooking Glass
Chicago, US
Los Angeles, US
Miami, US
Eygelshoven, NL

Do you offer DDOS protection?

In all of our locations, we offer best effort Layer 4 DDoS mitigation. If you currently receive large/sophisticated attacks, we would not recommend our service for your use case.

If you are looking to mitigate traffic, we would recommend using third party services like Cloudflare.

Clients that receive frequent DDoS attacks may be asked to move to a dedicated server. If you are concerned about your use case, don’t hesitate to contact support.

Do you support BGP Sessions?

BGP sessions are supported for clients that are paying a minimum of $100/year or $10/mo on a VPS service.

If you need a BGP session, contact us prior to purchasing a service so we can determine whether or not it will be possible to meet your requirements.

BGP sessions are currently supported in the following locations:

LocationBGP Support
Chicago, US
Los Angeles, USX
Miami, USX
Eygelshoven, NLX

Is rDNS supported on VPS plans?

Yes, rDNS is supported on all Atomic Networks VPS plans.

Do you support IPv6?

Yes, IPv6 is supported on all Atomic Networks VPS plans.

Do you open Port 25?

Port 25 is closed by default on all Atomic Networks plans. Port 25 can be opened by request if your mail usage is non public facing.